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John Halton Design Ltd 

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John Halton Design Ltd is a conscientious architectural practice, established in February 1995. Its aim is to provide a pragmatic approach to architecture, the procurement of buildings and achieving the client's requirements by producing designs that are imaginative, practical and value for money. The Chartered Building Consultancy has a varied range of experience in residential, commercial, ecclesiastical, industrial and conservation projects, where a balance of design flair and comprehensive technical expertise is fully exploited and used to its best advantage. The practice has the benefit of a comprehensive computer aided design network, although traditional drafting skills are also available. The company offers a diverse range of professional assistance including surveying, feasibility studies and project management. The consultancy received the Judges Special Award at the RICS East Midlands Awards 2006 and a Civic Trust Commendation in 2007 for an ecclesiastical project in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.


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