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Project Data

Generally as a practice we will need to process personal data as part of our project work.  Examples of such are as follows: • names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers • geolocation data • data that relates to an individual person • Site photos, visuals and drawings • Contract documents, certificates, planning forms,  etc.. • Website and company brochures • To send a greeting message • Obtain quotations on our client’s behalf from other consultants and specialists, eg structural engineer, land surveyor, Highway consultant, statutory authorities records, suppliers, asbestos survey, contamination specialists etc.. • In some cases, we may disclose personal information to third parties,ie.. if we are to comply with any legal obligation.

Personal Data

Client’s are to make us aware of any restrictions they require. Under the terms of our contract, information will be retained over a 6 or 12 years period, subject to the Building Contract.  Your data may be provided to statutory bodies in order to obtain service plan data, make a planning application or seek other approvals as necessary.  The agreement will be subject to occasional updates as appropriate.

Privacy Policy

The    practice    is    conscious    of    protecting    and    respecting    your privacy.      This   policy   sets   out   the   process   in   which   the   Company will collect and deal with our client’s personal data. The    methods    that    will    be    adopted    regarding    our    client’s personal data and how it will be processed are as follows: Data will be: •    processed    lawfully,    fairly    and    in    a    transparent    manner    in relation to individuals •   collected   for   specified,   explicit   and   legitimate   purposes   and not   further   processed   in   a   manner   that   is   incompatible   with those   purposes;   further   processing   for   archiving   purposes   in the   public   interest,   scientific   or   historical   research   purposes   or statistical   purposes   shall   not   be   considered   to   be   incompatible with the initial purposes •   adequate,   relevant   and   limited   to   what   is   necessary   in   relation to the purposes for which they are processed •    accurate    and,    where    necessary,    kept    up    to    date;    every reasonable   step   will   be   taken   to   ensure   that   personal   data   that is    inaccurate,    having    regard    to    the    purposes    for    which    it    is processed, is erased or rectified without delay •   kept   in   a   form   which   permits   identification   of   data   subjects   for no   longer   than   is   necessary   for   the   purposes   for   which   the personal   data   is   processed.   Personal   data   may   be   stored   for longer   periods   insofar   as   the   personal   data   will   be   processed solely   for   archiving   purposes   in   the   public   interest,   scientific   or historical   research   purposes   or   statistical   purposes   subject   to implementation   of   the   appropriate   technical   and   organisational measures    required    by    the    GDPR    in    order    to    safeguard    the rights and freedom of individuals •   processed   in   a   manner   that   ensures   appropriate   security   of the   personal   data,   including   protection   against   unauthorised   or unlawful   processing   and   against   accidental   loss,   destruction   or damage,      using      appropriate      technical      or      organisational measures.


John Halton Design Ltd is a conscientious architectural practice, established in February 1995. Its aim is to provide a pragmatic approach to architecture, the procurement of buildings and achieving the client's requirements by producing designs that are imaginative, practical and value for money. The Chartered Building Consultancy has a varied range of experience in residential, commercial, ecclesiastical, industrial and conservation projects, where a balance of design flair and comprehensive technical expertise is fully exploited and used to its best advantage. The practice has the benefit of a comprehensive computer aided design network, although traditional drafting skills are also available. The company offers a diverse range of professional assistance including surveying, feasibility studies and project management. The consultancy received the Judges Special Award at the RICS East Midlands Awards 2006 and a Civic Trust Commendation in 2007 for an ecclesiastical project in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.


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